The Team

Aditi Amit
Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Formally trained in Business at IIM A and Crafts at IICD, Aditi is Fitoori Banjaaran's go-to Kaarigar and also our go-to decision maker. Her contribution to Fitoori Banjaaran ranges from breaking down complex Strategic Problems, curating beautiful products, negotiating tough deals and also lending her hand to production of some amazing products. Her natural flair for crafts, love for travel and experience with logistics management and vendor relationships help her execute her role with significant ease.  

Atisi Rana
Co-Founder, COO & Creative Director
SDPW | LSR | Director at Light Vision India

A serial entrepreneur and and an accomplished Madhubani painting artist Atisi's creative journey continues since the days of the 'The Blue Flower.' An LSR graduate, with her unwavering passion for craftsmanship and an eye for market trends, Atisi lends her fusion of creativity, passion, and business skills to lead the creative product portfolio at Fitoori Banjaaran. Together with Aditi, she aims to reshape the way we cherish and acquire unique handmade products.