As a family of travelers, we have always chanced upon elements in cultures, lifestyles, art and history that we could connect with and relate to another culture and artform.

As we felt it, and experienced it more, a feeling of being part of a greater whole emerged. This sense of belonging, to be serendipitously found in the world, without abandoning our most authentic selves became the inspiration behind the conception of Fitoori Banjaaran in 2019.

Fitoori Banjaaran is a culmination of art, culture and craft experienced through and inspired by tales of travel. It is out effort to bring our perception of the world to people across multiple ethnicities. We are reciting these stories through Fitoori Banjaaran with Indian crafts being the creative medium we choose.

As we do this, we hope to inspire others to travel and have adventures and discoveries of their own.

Bon Voyage! and till then, Shop till you drop!