About Us

Fitoori Banjaaran is a travel inspired and handicraft driven business. Headquartered in the historical town of Meerut in North India, Fitoori Banjaaran operates from multiple key locations, viz. Delhi, Pune and Goa via a network of offices and partners.

Founded as a family business with an aim to serve as a melting pot of traditional crafts and modern designs in 2019, the business has expanded to include a wide range of product categories and craft forms and is now home to 10+ product categories and multiple collections. 

Our unique designs, and constant search for newer ways to bring out old art forms set us apart. We believe that beauty transcends beyond borders. Our success is made possible by our passionate and committed artisans from various parts of the country, representing 10+ art forms, and 1000+ years of heritage combined. Their talent and traditions are our strength.

We at Fitoori Banjaaran are continuously inspired by our heritage, creativity and sense of community. We set ambitious paths to excellence by continuously pushing the boundaries, challenging our limits and renewing ourselves to ensure the long-term development of our artisans and the art forms they represent. We strive to ensure that our products and the way they are made have positive impact on our entire ecosystem and on our host communities.